Vicoda GmbH - Vibration Dampening and Isolation

The mission of VICODA is to ...

Provide for each vibration problem the optimum solution!
This is achieved by providing:

  • an extensive know-how in vibration control
  • a comprehensive portfolio
  • a complete package of services


Providing within the power, oil& gas, chemical & petrochemical industry:
- Base isolation of heavy machinery(turbines, coalmills, pumps, etc.) with spring and elastomeric devices.
- Vibration control & seismic protection on piping systems and structures with viscoelastic dampers, hydraulic devices, tuned mass dampers and active devices.

Providing within the building and infrastructure industry:
- Base isolation of rail tracks of subways, trams and trains within urban areas, as well as buildings and bridges with spring and elastomeric devices
- Vibration control to protect buildings and bridges against strong winds and earthquakes with tuned mass dampers and active damping devices.

Customer Support

  • On site data assessment of vibration parameters
  • Data analysis
  • Rootcause analysis
  • Solution design
  • Installation and start-up
  • Vibration monitoring
  • Replacement and retrofitting