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Téchne lubrication fittings

To eliminate some of the problematic issues regarding lubrication fittings (grease fittings) Sealweld and Téchne has developed a new type of lubrication fitting. From the outside there are not a big difference compared to other button head fittings with cap, but looking at the internal parts there are some important differences.

Contakt person: Ingolf

Téchne auxiliary valves

As a part of there special valve selection Téchne are producing auxiliary valve to be installed on the body of bigger ball and gate valves. To be able to maintain or test valves one must have a way of communication into the cavity of the valves. There may be a need of pressure reduction to test the integrity of the valve seal or to create a double block across the valve, or maybe a cleaning of the valve internal parts has to be done by pumping solvent into the cavity.

Contakt person: Ingolf

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